Jonas Collén

Senior IP Specialist/Nerd

Jonas Collén

About me

I'm an ambitious workaholic that probably spends a little too much of my freetime (when I can find it as a new dad.. :]) playing around with different tech or trying to learn some more about python/scripting & automation. Sometimes I also get around to write a post or two regarding routing and other nerdy stuff at and old blog i've had for a few years now which you can find down below.

Currently working at Telia Company as a Senior IP Specialist & Developer where my team is responsible for modernizing our entire Swedish Edge & Core IP-network, migrating over all existing traffic & solutions to newer architecture, having a great time and learning lots! :)

I'm also developing tools for automation & other smaller scripts to help in the day-to-day work. More information about my latest projects can be found below.

Top skills


Automation & Programming


Top certifications

CCNP Routing & Switching (2022)

CCNA Security (2022)

Old/Current Projects


A website i've developed for my company to semi-automate the building process and simplify config-generation for new links, nodes & services dynamically with just a few clicks. Also rebuilds existing network solutions to newer architecture by just copy/paste'ing the current config.

Road to ..NetDevOps?

A blog i've had for a few years now ever since I started chasing the elusive CCIE-certification and now more focused on learning about DevOps. Unfortunatley it's not getting as much love as it used to as time is always a factor, hours used to write is hours I could have spent learning instead so I try to find a good balance between the two.

I'm doing the majority of labs on the latest addition to my homelab, a Dell R610 running ESXi VM-server with 96GB RAM. No problems running 20x CSR-1000v with some XRvs thrown in. :)

IoT & Home Assistant

My attempt at building a smart home with IoT & Home Assistant. Lots of hairpulling to get everything working but it's slowly coming together now with more and more automations running.

Running on a NUCi5 VM-box together with 4-5 other VMs running SSH/OpenVPN, Apache, Plex, Tautulli, Portainer, Influxdb, Grafana, Organizr, Glances, Unifi Controller and (much) more..

Devices used are mostly Philips Hue & some IKEA Tradfri for lights, Xiaomi Aqara for sensors, Sonos & Chromecast for media.

E-Bike conversion

We've moved a bit further out of town so I had been eyeing an eletric bike for a while, but in the end decided to build my own as the bikes for sale here in Sweden is pretty bland and tinkering with stuff is fun

Used a 2016 Nishiki Pro Air and installed a 1500W BBSHD middrive motor with a 52v14.8Ah battery which turned the bike into a rocket!

Build log